How To Improve Your YouTube Videos And Get More Views

by | April 1, 2019
Increase YouTube Views

Promoting your YouTube Channel can be tough work, and everyone expects a formula for success. Well, unfortunately it just isn’t that easy.

We all know that YouTube’s algorithm is a messy thing. It seems that every week they’re rolling out some new updates that negatively affect at least some people. As such it’s not unheard of that these updates get Channels wrongfully banned, have their videos removed, demonetized, or restrict your content from reaching a wide audience. Nobody knows the inner workings of it, and I don’t think we ever will. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of things you can do to improve your video quality, and therefore retain your audience’s attention. Remember, retention time is one big factor YouTube uses to determine whether or not YouTube will recommend your content to others.

Use the same Intro and Outro on all of your videos

You wouldn’t believe the impact that having a consistent intro and outro video will do. Psychologically speaking, you’re giving your audience something that they’ll immediately recognize, and can learn to rely on. People browsing random videos online have a habit of choosing a different video if their attention isn’t captured within the first 15 seconds of watching, which negatively affects your audience retention. Having a beautifully made intro video can be the difference between losing that viewer and retaining them.

Use Cards and End Screens to Promote your Other Videos

We hope you realize exactly how necessary it is for you to implement Cards and End Screens. As of 2017 YouTube had replaced the use of Annotations which allowed for creators to place little “bubbles” of text on top of your video at any time. YouTube found this practice to promote spam, especially the fact that it allowed for 20 Annotations to be on the screen at any given moment. With Cards and End Screens you can now more effectively promote videos that you’d want your audience to watch. That means you don’t have to worry that your audience will be watching one of your competitor’s videos after, since they’ll have the option of choosing from a multitude of available videos you’ve produced.

YouTube End Screens

Optimize your Videos to Capitalize on SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting free, organic traffic from Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). It’s a simple concept, but the trick is properly wording both your video’s Title, Description, and Tags to try to make the Search Engines think that your content is the most relevant. There is so much information that can be taught on SEO that we feel it may be better to leave it to the experts. Below you’ll find a video outlining what SEO is, and how to take advantage of it on your YouTube videos.

Optimize Your Thumbnail

Adjusting your Thumbnail can be one way to draw attention to your video and set it apart from others. Additionally this can either make or break a user’s decision to watch your video versus someone else’s. Pay attention to what popular Channels are doing with their thumbnails and come up with something similar that suits you.

Guest Blog and Socialize with other Creators

Have you considered ever making a video for someone else’s Channel? Firstly, content creators are busy, and sometimes appreciate having someone posting a video on their Channel when they can’t do it themselves. If their audience happens to also like your content, there’s a chance that you can convert a bunch of them into active Subscribers who come back to see your content weekly.

Buy YouTube Ads

Above all this is is probably one of the easiest way that you’ll attract visitors. Using YouTube Ads you have the freedom to choose who you want to target as your audience. Are you trying to tailor your videos to Males who live in the United States between the ages of 25-30? Well YouTube helps with that! As a result this can quickly help gain tons of free YouTube Subscribers and Views if done properly. Additionally, there are plenty more ways to target your audience like their interests, beliefs, and plenty more! Take a look at the video below to see how you can see accelerated Channel growth for just $5 a day.

$5 YouTube Ads – Accelecerate Channel Growth with $5 a Day YouTube Ads

Other Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve outlined the major things you can do to immediately increase your video’s reach and capacity for views, we just want to briefly outline a couple more methods that you can try, and can prove very useful.

  1. Take Advantage of Viral Trends and try to produce content that taps into the essence of this new viral phenomenon. In short, don’t underestimate the potential for viral content.
  2. Use Embedded Videos to add your videos into your website and increase visibility. You can even Autoplay your video when anyone visits your website resulting in more Views on your videos.
  3. Create Playlists for your videos and embed them on your YouTube Channel, so that your visitors only watch your content.
  4. Shamelessly Promote your Video using your Social Media reach to ensure your Followers are aware that you’ve produced new content.

Remember, patience is the key to growing a successful YouTube Channel. Finally, and most importantly, many people will get tired after a few days and give up, but persistence is the key to making this work. Good luck!