How to get Free YouTube Subscribers in 2019

Sometimes when you’re creating a brand new YouTube Channel you’ll notice that you’re not getting as many Subscribers as you’d like. What you’ll unfortunately need to come to grips with is that there’s no good way of getting free YouTube subscribers fast anymore, at least not without doing some damage to your up and coming Channel. Before you leave, just hear us out.

In the past it was way easier to get tons of almost unlimited YouTube Subscribers daily. Unfortunately, ever since 2019 YouTube has started to crack down on a lot of behavior that it doesn’t like. A while ago SubHub was a website that helped YouTubers gain Subscribers through a process called sub4sub, but after YouTube’s recent changes to their Terms of Service we had to stop. So now we’re taking that knowledge and giving it straight to you!

What is Sub4Sub and does it work?

Sub4sub is a term used on the Video Sharing Website “YouTube”
to say “sub4sub” to another user means that if that user will sub (Subscribe) to your videos, you will sub back to theirs.

Sub4Sub has long been a controversial subject among YouTubers. The debate is about trying to determine whether sub4sub was actually beneficial to growing your Channel, or if participating in it would be detrimental to your success. Though it’s true that this process can certainly get you plenty of free YouTube Subscribers, it doesn’t actually do anything to benefit your YouTube Channel. Most people who do sub4sub see that even though their Subscribers increased, none of them cared to watch their videos. It can be very weird to see a YouTube Channel with 1,000+ Subscribers that gets only 10 views on each video.

YouTube Sub4Sub Unsubscriptions

Above you can see the effects of Sub4Sub, and how many will Unsubscribe immediately. If you were to take our advice, we’d simply recommend not to engage in Sub4Sub. Aside from the fact that these people won’t watch your videos, and that they’ll eventually Unsubscribe from you, but now there’s also the chance that YouTube’s algorithms will think that your content isn’t any good since none of your new Subscribers are watching your videos. Sucks, right? That’s why we’d strongly encourage you to go the more organic routes, even though it may be discouraging to initially see a low Subscriber count, it’ll get better!

Does buying Subscribers work?

I’m sure that by now you’ve likely done your homework and seen that there are plenty of websites out there who, though they won’t be able to get you any free YouTube Subscribers, you can still pay a small fee to in exchange for some Subscribers. Though this technique is different from Sub4Sub, well, simply because you have to pay, we don’t want you to get the misconception that this may be a better alternative to Sub4Sub. Sure, you’ll gain Subscribers at a pretty steady rate, but all of the downsides that we mentioned above still apply here. You’ll still get a bunch of people Unsubscribe from you, they won’t watch your videos, and even worst, now you’ve spent your hard-earned money.

Because of all of the factors we mentioned above, we would also highly discourage you buying any YouTube Subscribers. I guess what we’re really trying to get at here is that there isn’t a magical formula where you can suddenly go from being unknown to being the newest YouTube celebrity. Sure, it can happen, but let’s temper our expectations a little bit. The reality is that just like everything in life, success takes time, energy, and persistence.

If we still weren’t able to discourage you to not buy YouTube Subscribers, you should try QQTube. They offer a range of services from YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Views, and plenty more, and you can even get 50 free YouTube Subscribers just for signing up.


YouTube Hacks and Glitches, and why they don’t work

Chances are you’ve also come across websites that are trying to promise free YouTube Subscribers by using some sort of Hack or Glitch. These websites claim to deliver you up to 999,999 Subscribers for free. Isn’t that nice of them? No these websites aren’t real hacks, no these websites won’t benefit you whatsoever. No, no, a million times no!

So what’s the best technique for gaining real Subscribers?

You may not be surprised that the best way to gain real YouTube Subscribers uses a combination of tactics. Though it won’t gain you all of the YouTube Subscribers you want for free, you’ll find that it’s a much safer way that is guaranteed to not put your YouTube Channel in jeopardy.

Stick to a consistent content schedule

Graham Cochrane, the founder of “The Recording Revolution” tells us one of the keys to success is how frequently you publish videos. I know I trust him, his Channel has almost 500,000 Subscribers at the time of this release. He says:

The BEST thing you can do with YouTube (or any content creation for that matter) is to make a lot of content and make it consistently. I’ve made at least one video a week for seven years.

Posting frequently (preferably on a fixed schedule) help you retain Subscribers, but it’ll also help you attract new Subscribers. YouTube determines if they should promote you based on if your Subscribers come back to watch your content regularly.

Create Playlists of your videos

We know how hard you’ve worked to get that first view on your new video. It’s a great feeling, but what happens after your video is done being watched? Unfortunately your visitor will be watching a different video that was recommended to them, and it’s likely not yours. That’s why we’d encourage you to create and share Playlists of your videos. There are a few benefits that come with it:

How To Make a Playlist on YouTube
  • Your Playlist may be displayed on YouTube above other peoples videos, so you can end up with some free exposure.
  • Instead of getting 1 view, you’re lined up to get views on all of the videos in your Playlist. That means that YouTube will be recommending the next video on the list.
  • Recommending a new Visitor to check out your playlist can help them choose between a variety of your videos that are now readily available to them to skim through.

Promote your YouTube Channel with either Facebook Groups or on Reddit

Have you ever heard of Facebook Groups before? It’s a feature on Facebook that allows you to find like-minded individuals who have a common interest or passion. If you’re creating videos making food using delicious recipes, then you can search Facebook for Groups dedicated to cooking. A few examples could be “Delicious Recipes”, “Home Cooked Meals”, “Baking Enthusiasts”. Be creative! With a little bit of experimentation you’ll be able to find some people who will really resonate with your content. Those new people may therefore may be encouraged to come watch your videos and even Subscribe. This way you’ll have gained a new fan of your video who will most likely return to watch future videos.

Reddit, though similar to Facebook, is structured a little differently. Rather than Groups like on Facebook, things are separated into Subreddits. A Subreddit is a Community within Reddit whose sole purpose is to tailor content to the topic of the Subreddit. Using our example from before, we searched Reddit and found a Subreddit called /r/cooking. This Subreddit has over 1.1 million Subscribers, with over 1,100 of them currently browsing the website. With the right type of post, you could quickly have all of those eyes on your video!

Want to learn more about promoting your own videos on Facebook Groups? We highly encourage you to take a look at this educational video:

How to begin promoting your YouTube Video on Facebook Groups

Thanks for having taken the time to read through everything, we know there’s a lot of information to digest! Just know that there’s no great way to get free YouTube Subscribers anymore. Follow some of the tactics we gave you above, and hopefully you’ll be thriving in no time. We think you also may enjoy our article on Increasing your YouTube Views. Good luck, and stay strong!